Integrate Health is a locally owned and operated Allied Health Clinic situated in Ooralea to meet the needs of people in and around the Mackay region. Integrate Health prides themselves on their high-quality chiropractic care with the view to expand with other Allied Health disciples in the very near future. Our clinic is focused and aims for interprofessional collaboration in improving patient outcomes through the highest of quality patient care. The clinic has three experienced evidenced based chiropractors to empower you with a variety of techniques.  With our Chiropractor’s passion and positive lifestyle, they are continually invested in updating their skills and knowledge to offer the most appropriate individual care to full health. At Integrate Health our standard consultations are generally longer as to focus and improve your range of motion, overall health and to give a supportive education of your journey and health prevention. 

Integrate Health pride themselves on their reliable recommendations for the quality of service which in turn provides the best possible clinical outcome for our patients. The growth of the business is evident from the year 2013 starting off with a single practitioner to currently a multi practitioner Allied Health Clinic.  Our recent move to our newly renovated premises consists of numerous consultation rooms alongside of our private rehabilitation gym. Our clinic is surrounded by like minded people who share the same journey to fantastic results. With ample parking at our convenient location we warmly welcome you to become apart of our high standard of care.    

Services We Offer

  • Chiropractic Adjustments 

  • Dry Needling 

  • Exercise Prescription 

  • Rehabilitation Programs 

  • Taping 

  • Lifestyle Change Advice 

  • GP Management Plan 

  • Private Referrals 

  • Self Referrals  

  • Medicare Rebate 

  • Hicaps – Fast Claim 

  • Eftpos 

Initial Consultation

We please ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment as this allows time to fill in the appropriate paperwork required for a New Patient.  At the time of your 30-minute consultation your Allied Health Professional will thoroughly discuss your history to assist them in performing an appropriate examination and accurately diagnosing your condition. Your appointment will include orthopaedic and neurological examination and interpretation of imaging if available. A strategic treatment plan will be implemented including adjustments or mobilisations, myofascial stimulation, lifestyle changes and rehabilitative exercise prescriptions.   

Dry Needling

At Integrate Health we offer Dry Needling. If you are interested in this service or would like to find out more about how dry needling treatment works we have provided some helpful information below for your perusal:-

Dry Needling is a technique which uses fine needles to address muscle tissue, in order to stimulate a healing response and reduce the biomechanical stress in that area.  It affects the neuromuscular system affecting muscle tightness, joint mobility, and symptoms of pain and irritation.  Testing active trigger points with an EMG needle has shown that there is increased spontaneous electrical activity (SEA) at this active trigger point. It is similar to “incorrect signals” causing the nerve muscle connection to trigger the muscle to be tight. This tightness can cause limited range of joint motion resulting in a reduction of normal functional activities of the whole body.

Recent research has reported that there are numerous inflammatory and pain producing chemicals at an active trigger point causing pain and dysfunction of the muscle, consequently affecting the local nerves and joints. The dry needle has been shown, when causing a local twitch response (LTR) in the active trigger point and muscle fiber, to decrease or completely reduce that spontaneous electrical activity and reduce or completely eliminate the irritating chemicals in that active trigger point. This release can immediately improve range of motion, decrease pain and improve function. Patients often feel significant cramping sensation from the twitch response but then feel an immediate improvement of their symptoms.

Utilising trigger point dry needling in conjunction with Chiropractic allows the patient to return to strengthening and exercise that results in a faster return to function and improved maintenance of their condition.

Unverzagt, Casey et al. “DRY NEEDLING FOR MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINT PAIN: A CLINCIAL COMMENTARY” International journal of sports physical therapy vol. 10,3 (2015): 402-18.

SMS Reminders

Integrate Health offer complimentary SMS reminders.  This helps fluidity of the modern business world as we understand patient circumstances change and appointments may need to be rescheduled.  The flexibility of SMS services in a small business is so we can eliminate missed appointments that can affect both practitioners and other patients on the waiting list.  If you require to reschedule or postpone your appointment, we please ask you to call one of our friendly staff members who will assist you in making your appointment more suitable for you.   

Privacy Policy

Your private and personal information collected at your initial/follow-up appointment or other evidence to further your treatment/diagnosis will not be shared with any other parties outside Integrate Health.  If you require your patient information to be released to other professionals the clinic will require your signature to ensure the security of your personal information.